Toshiba's revolutionary 1080i CMOS Colour Camera IK-HR1S delivers incredible true hi-definition video, progressive-scan images in 16:9 format with HD-SDI output from ultra-compact body.

This compact one-piece camera is ideal for high speed and broadcast imaging, the IK-HR1D camera imagery shows little or no motion artifacts, with various auto and manual controls to choose from for Shutter, Gain, White Balance and Gamma, it is possible to dial-in the settings best suited for any particular scene or lighting situation to help maintain this degree of performance.

The IK-HR1 ultra-compact and lightweight housing single piece camera measure mere 44mm x 44mm x 78mm and weigh 146 g.


True High-Definition from one of the most compact HD Camera Head.

The IK-HD1H is an ultra-lightweight camera designed also for broadcast, with his HD 3CCD Color Camera System gives you the sharpest, clearest, true color imagery available from the most compact HD camera on the market.

Wherever a super-compact professional-grade camera is necessary, the IK-HD1H has it covered. Boasting HDTV capabilities, pictures truly come to life, ensuring users see every detail. Features such as a highly sensitive sensor, HD-SDI out, and as sophisticated DSP, make the IK-HD1H a capable performer in almost any specialized video application.